About Us

About Us

TheFXHelpers – Managed Forex Trading Professionals

Team of Passionate Professionals

TheFXHelpers offers a range of first-class high yield alternative investments for clients seeking diversification options to the traditional, stocks, bonds, mutual funds and other common investment options. Focusing on absolute returns, TheFXHelpers funds are able to achieve positive results whether the traditional stock markets are moving up or down. History has shown in the stock/real estate market that no matter how good a person is at buying low or selling high there will always be hardships when the trend of the general market is a descending economy. The inevitable result is falling asset values/prices. Making absolute returns is an even more meaningful measure of performance when investing in Forex Managed Accounts (alternative investments), because alternative investments are uncorrelated with traditional markets.

TheFXHelpers Beliefs

In addition to our stringent proprietary review process, in every managed fund of TheFXHelpers the first customer is TheFXHelpers itself, holding one customer account as well because we believe that nobody should invest in a Forex Account Manager who will not invest their own money in the same way. We treat your assets as we would treat our own.

Our Mission

Our mission is to consistently maximize wealth for all partners of TheFXHelpers, with the emphasis on capital preservation, risk limitation, growth of capital, transparency, liquidity, and a focus on maintaining positive professional business relationships.