Transparency and Safety

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Safety of Funds

We believe that managers’ and clients’ interests must be aligned. TheFXHelpers structures its programs on a performance-based fee model. If you do well, we do well. If you don’t, we don’t. If there is a negative return for the month, it is carried forward and must first be recouped, before performance fees can again be earned.

Our programs are compensated by performance fees, not by transactions made.
Our programs accept individual client accounts. We do not have a pool of funds.
Client funds are sent to an established Forex brokerage, not to TheFXHelpers or the trader. You are the only person on the planet whom this broker allows to deposit or withdraw the money from this account.

Do you provide any guarantee of the return?

We don’t provide any guarantee or assurances for returns. Forex trading is a risky investment and is not suitable for everybody. You should gauge your investment goals before investing in any kind of speculative trading. Always do your due diligence before investing money anywhere. We invite you to view our fund performance and ask us any questions you may have by contacting us.

Do I have to open my own brokerage account in order to participate?

Yes, you have to. All the money is held in your name in your trading account. In case you already have an account at the selected brokerages, you can transfer us the control.

Can I choose my own broker and ask you to trade it?

No, you cannot. We operate with some of most reputable brokers in the industry and carry out due diligence before suggesting it to our customers. The brokers that we choose are well established in the industry and have a proven history of handling clients with respect and providing an equally competitive trading atmosphere for our clients’ funds.

*Exceptions can be made for accounts above a certain capital threshold. However, we must do our due diligence first. We need to ensure that we can get paid by these brokers and that the funds are secure there and we are able to withdraw the funds easily. Contact for more information.

This is YOUR money and YOUR account.
Client has a round-the-clock access to view the account in live action and its history via investor viewing privileges.

Our traders are able to perform trading operations with the money under your limited power of attorney. They cannot withdraw this money and buy a Ferrari or a private island.

Monthly returns will be based on realized positions at the end of each month. Any fees on new profits (above water mark) are only subject to realized gains, which means no fees will be applied to floating positions.

How do we get paid by you?

You don’t pay us directly and you will not be invoiced for our fee. Based on the performance structure agreed between TheFXHelpers and you, the broker will charge the performance fee from your account and credit it to us. As a result, when you withdraw funds to your Bank account, you withdraw only your profits and not the performance fee paid to TheFXHelpers.