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Dear clients and prospects,

Our managed accounts for Equities are earning our clients over 40% return for the year.

Recently we started including updates for a swing system called SWING. As the name suggests this system may be a good way for interested prospects/ clients to get started investing in medium term market moves and explore the systems as SWING requires a minimum account balance of $5,000 compared to the higher minimum amounts for DAY and LONG TERM of $10,000.

Also, we are now including SWING’s track record from January of this year.

SWING can be classified as a medium term investments in the Equities market.

As of August 4th 2014, SWING was ranked #2 for the previous three-month period and #2 for the previous six-month period among the systems.

If you have an interest in learning more about SWING, please contact me. I’ll happy to assist.