About Us


Dear clients and prospects,

Our Algorithm systems are earning our clients over 45% return for the year.

Recently we started including updates for a third system called STARTER. As the name suggests this system may be a good way for interested prospects/ clients to get started and explore the systems as STARTER requires a minimum account balance of $5,000 compared to the higher minimum amounts for SCORE and EPIC of $15,000.

Also, we are now including STARTER’s track record from January of this year.

STARTER can be classified almost as mini SCORE as it uses the same exact trade signals as SCORE, but it trades 11 of the 20 markets SCORE does.

As of August 4th 2014, STARTER was ranked #1 for the previous three-month period and #1 for the previous six-month period among the systems ( the product began trading live on Nov. 29th, 2013).

If you have an interest in learning more about STARTER, please contact me. I’ll happy to assist.