Change Funds or Request Withdrawal

Managed Account

When can investors withdraw their money?

Since money is held by the Forex Broker, funds can be withdrawn at any time. The only prerequisite is for all trades to be closed. TheFXHelpers generally has its traders close all open positions before the end of the week. However under certain circumstances they may have trades open over the weekend thus delaying the process until those trades are closed out. Investors must understand that it may take a little time for trades to close normally.

Withdrawals must not exceed an amount that would cause the minimum balance requirement to be less than the initial minimum investment requirement for any account.

Withdrawal requests are handled by our preferred broker.

How can investors change/close funds?

Investors first must fill out a revocation of LPOA, thus cancelling our powers to manage your Forex Account. You then would either send a new LPOA granting another fund to trade your account. Or you can fill out a withdrawal form available from the Broker’s website to accompany your revocation. Note: funds minus performance fees (if they apply for that period) will be paid out to you.

NOTE: Although TheFXHelpers understands special circumstances and will look at reasons for repetitive withdrawals as case-by-case. Investors withdrawing money regularly and causing unnecessary disruptions may be asked to close their accounts.

Example #1:

Investor X wants to test the withdrawal procedure with our Broker once the account goes from $10,000 to $12,000 to secure a $1000 profit, this will be no issue at all.

Example #2:

Investor Y decides to withdraw $100 every time his account increases from $2500 to $2600. This presents an issue: First, TheFXHelpers must suspend all trading and wait until current trades close. If three investors decided to do this in one week, it would mean the MAM is effectively shut down for at least one week of trading, resulting in no profits to the whole group.

To request a new managed account in addition to the one you already have send us an email to