Proprietary Management Program

Managed Account

TheFXHelpers is always looking to add to its team of Forex Account Managers. We only look to work with the most successful and professional traders out there.

Performance and trading strategy speak volumes. With that said there are lots of duds to be eliminated from the basket of potentials. In combination with our rigorous techniques for assessing a trader and their strategy we also have a boot camp that we like to put our traders through where we get them to put their money where their mouth is.

Those that are capable of making it through will be showered with funds to manage as we have a long waiting list of clients asking for our newest traders to invest with. Those that don’t make it cause no harm to our clients and live to learn for another day. Our clients’ funds and our funds and reputation lie at risk if we partner with you, it is our responsibility to do our proper due diligence.

For more information and to join our team contact us.