The Midas Touch Fund

Managed Account

“A true businessman turns everything he touches into gold, like Midas of the fable.” – Joseph Kipp

A popular myth these days is that more trades mean better results. But in reality the only people who benefit from that are the brokers as they make commission on a per trade basis.

The Midas Touch Fund trading strategy places the emphasis on quality over quantity. It involves entering positions with the intent of holding a short-term position for a period of less than 24 hours. The fund is geared at trading gold, a stable commodity with a potential of consistent high returns.

Of all the precious metal gold is the most popular among investors, being the time-honored basis of both individual and national wealth. It is the first line of defense against financial upheavals caused by economic or political crises that are likely to produce an extremely adverse effect upon all other investments, being ordinarily used as a powerful hedge. 

The Midas Touch Fund is taking full advantage of this excellent financial instrument. Investors can expect returns from 10% to 15% per month on a yearly average. The historical annual return is over 100% and in the last trading year the winning rate was 93.3%. The trades closed at a loss experienced very slight drawdown, not exceeding 6-7%.

The fund is managed by a veteran trader operating in the financial markets since 1989. His experience includes floor trading at the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE), administration of diverse investments portfolios and a long career in Forex and commodities trading.

The minimum amount of investment in the Midas Touch Fund is $50,000.