Fund Fee Structure

Managed Account

TheFXHelpers Performance Fees Structure

TheFXHelpers aims to make its compensation competitive, thus only charging clients a performance fee on profits earned based on a high watermark. In order to be transparent we have made available a table outlining the tiered structure for performance fees. As the client deposits more funds into their account the performance fees paid will decline.

Performance Fee
$10,000 50%
$100,000 40%
$1,000,000 35%

Fee Structure

Some investors may think that the performance fees are a bit high. However, we ask that you take into consideration that you are gaining access to returns greater than or equivalent to hedge funds. Hedge funds charge clients management fees in addition to the high performance fees that they demand. In addition, they make the barriers to entry inaccessible to the average person. As your account grows you will benefit from lower performance fees.

The fee structure is non-negotiable.
If you have any questions please contact us.