Our Clients

About Us

At TheFXHelpers our clients and our traders are our partners; together we will move hand in hand to achieve success through the creation and building of wealth through alternative investments such as Managed Forex Accounts. Our success is based on hard work and our dedication to our clients and our traders. Our traders’ success is not based on luck but rather years of experience, strict risk management and other various techniques. Our clients come to TheFXHelpers for our Managed Forex Accounts because they know they are getting professional traders that have been tested with our own money first.


Through TheFXHelpers history and experience you can grow your wealth with them in one of the Managed Forex Accounts that they offer. These high yield alternative investments are traditionally only available to the institutional or accredited investor. However thanks to the ease of entry provided by the Forex industry, these traditional investments only accessible to the super rich are now accessible to everyone. It is important to note however the extra risks involved with such alternative investments.

Institutional clients

TheFXHelpers seeks to achieve positive absolute returns for all of its clients. Our institutional clients have the security in knowing their funds are handled with the utmost safety and transparency. Our traders use strict risk management mandates for their trading and have years of experience under their belts. Further information is available upon request to accompany any due diligence inquiries.

Asset managers

Our team of experienced Forex traders is growing all the time as we are constantly looking to add the best traders to our team to help them and our clients achieve wealth.

Asset managers experience many benefits when partnering with TheFXHelpers. They have access to capital not otherwise accessible to them. This offers asset managers better opportunities to earn and benefit from their strategies that they have diligently developed over time. They do not have to focus on marketing or dealing with clients or the brokerage. All the traders have to do is focus on trading and collect their performance fees at the end of each trading period.