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Welcome to TheFXHelpers!

TheFXHelpers was created to help retail and institutional investors achieve above average returns through alternative investments such as Managed Forex Accounts. Thanks to our reputation for excellence we are able to attract the best Forex traders to manage our funds and yours.

TheFXHelpers has a proprietary method for choosing only the best traders out there. We invest our own money with these traders before we allow them to market their funds to you via TheFXHelpers.

TheFXHelpers invites you to view our different managed Forex funds available and their performance to see if a Managed Forex Account is right for you.

How to open a Managed Forex Account?

Opening a Managed Forex Account is simple and easy. All you need to do is select the fund you would like to invest in from our list of available programs. Follow this link with instructions on how to open an account from start to finish.